Tim’s Government Reform Blueprint

Make Congress transparent

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is an important tool for journalists and the public to monitor the government and hold elected leaders accountable. Outrageously, Congress exempted itself from FOIA. In Lansing, I fought for increased government transparency, by requiring the Governor and the legislature to comply with FOIA laws, and for the rights of victims of sexual assault to stay anonymous when public records from universities are released. In Congress, I will work to end the Congressional exemption from FOIA.

Unmask Congressional sexual harassment

Over the past 20 years, the Office of Congressional Compliance has paid out 260 claims, totaling more than $15 million, to victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. When these payments are made, the victims are permanently silenced and the identities of the members of Congress who perpetrated the harassment are permanently hidden. It’s time to shine a light on the sexual harassers in Congress and for taxpayers to stop footing the bill for their abuse. In Congress, I will support efforts to require more transparency, overhaul the flawed complaint process, and provide better support for victims and whistleblowers.

Lower prescription drug prices

Many seniors on fixed incomes can’t afford to make ends meet because of the increasing cost of prescription drugs. Medicare and the Veterans Affairs Department successfully negotiate prescription drug prices and, as a result, enjoy much lower costs. In Congress, I will support Medicare negotiating prescription drug pricing in order to save taxpayer’s money, and to give seniors much needed relief when buying their medications.