Updated July 30th 2018

Synopsis: Likely election day primary voters should see in the mail AND online that Tim Greimel will be a member of Congress who takes on the big fights with Republicans like Donald Trump and Rick Snyder, and delivers victories for middle-class voters. They should also see that Tim Greimel will do the thankless work of governing, which is why he’s been endorsed by dozens of community leaders and groups. Especially noteworthy is that Tim has earned the endorsement of former Senator Carl Levin, the Detroit News, the National Organization for Women, the AFL-CIO, the UAW, the MEA, the AFT, and a whopping 30 other labor unions.

Proof Points:

  • Tim Greimel took on Lansing Republicans to expand Medicaid through the Healthy Michigan Program. As a result, more than 600,000 people have health insurance today who didn’t just four years ago. (Link)
  • Tim Greimel took on Lansing Republicans to to give Michiganders a raise by increasing Michigan’s minimum wage and indexing it to inflation for the first time in Michigan’s history. (Link)
  • Tim was endorsed by the Detroit News. (Link)
  • The Detroit Free Press said this of Tim Greimel: “Tim Greimel, the capable and experienced lawmaker who currently serves as the Democratic Minority leader in the Republican-led state House of Representatives, is a charter member of Lansing’s grown-up caucus, the dwindling but critical group of lawmakers who do the thankless work of governing when their colleagues become ensnared in partisan sniping.” (Link)
  • “Tim earned my endorsement not only because he knows how to get things done, but also because I can trust him to fight for our values,” said Former Senator Levin. He went on to say, “Tim is the kind of thoughtful leader we need in Washington. From his work to establish Healthy Michigan, which secured healthcare coverage for over 650,000 Michiganders, to raising the minimum wage and indexing it to inflation, Tim has consistently delivered for Michigan’s hard-working men and women.” (Link)



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