Meet Tim Greimel

Born and raised in Oakland County, Tim Greimel grew up with the American Dream. Tim is the grandson of immigrants who came to Michigan in search of economic opportunity and security for their family. One of his grandfathers was a successful small businessman who opened a small tool and die shop. The other was a proud UAW member at Timken-Detroit Axle Company. Tim’s grandparents were able to help their kids go to college. Tim’s mom became a teacher and his father an architect. Tim grew up believing everyone who is willing to work hard should have a chance at success. He has spent his career fighting to extend that opportunity to all Michiganders, giving a voice to those who have not been given a fair shot.

Tim knows that a good education is the key to economic opportunity and upward mobility in Michigan. Tim is a proud product of Rochester Public Schools, where he played soccer, ran track, and became an Eagle Scout. He went on to serve that community on the Rochester School Board for seven years, eventually becoming the board President. Tim is proud that Rochester schools are among the very best in the state—he helped navigate a state-imposed budget cap to maintain that standard of excellence without raising taxes.

Whether it was on the school board or later on the Oakland County Commission or in the Michigan legislature, Tim has always had a passion for working with others to seek creative solutions to some of our toughest problems.

Tim worked as a county commissioner to diversify our economy by attracting new businesses to Oakland County and successfully led efforts to provide health insurance for our most vulnerable citizens. He established an innovative micro-loan program to help small businesses in Oakland County start up and grow. When the economic downturn hit, Tim was proud to to balance the County budget without raising taxes.

As a State Representative and legislative leader, Tim took on Lansing Republicans and special interests to expand Medicaid, and provide affordable access to health insurance to over 650,000 Michiganders. In a Republican-led legislature, he passed a law to raise Michigan’s minimum wage and index future increases to inflation to keep Michigan workers from falling further behind. He led Democratic efforts to provide structure and accountability to the Detroit bankruptcy with the Grand Bargain, which helped set the stage for the economic resurgence that we are seeing across Southeast Michigan. He increased renewable energy standards in the state so that Michigan companies and workers can stay on the cutting edge of green technology.

Tim holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science, a Master’s degree in Public Policy, and a law degree, all from the University of Michigan. Before being elected to the state legislature, Tim practiced employment and civil rights law and fought for whistleblowers and other employees who faced discrimination and retaliation in the workplace.